A message from our founder/Chairperson

Evelyne Awino

Lerne Adams Foundation (LAF) is an indigenous Kenyan NGO registered as non-political and non-profit organization. The organization is registered under Kenyan laws as a foundation Instituted, staffed, and managed by group of professionals. The organization has its base in Kisumu and works with communities living around Lake Victoria region.

The Foundation believes that all human beings, particularly children, young people and women need to be given equal opportunities in life and that their human rights must be fully protected. Over the years we have implemented interventions the target duty bears and elevating poverty among marginalized communities.

We have emerged as a trusted and committed partner of choice for the nation’s development, reputed for its ability to deliver impact efficiently and effectively. The Foundation has grown to manage projects in the area of health, education and youth empowerment, since its inception.

To expand on this experience and maximize its impact, the Foundation continues to direct its interventions within the framework of its Strategic Operation Plan 2020–2024. In addition, we call you to celebrate our achievements by sharing them through your social media or similar avenues and encourages corporations and individuals to support our campaign through fundraising events.

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